Flavio Man was born in Tucuman, north place of Argentina in 1987. He lived in a small city between mountains, jungle, desert and buildings. This experience and contracts is part of his art. 
After finished the highschool in 2004 he studied Fine arts in UNT. 
Years laters he went to Buenos Aires to studied film editing in ENERC. The art of the editing is important, because it is a dialog and a construction between images, generating sense and form from different shots.  
He participate in several projects that were in different festivals such as Cannes, Montreal. 
These years also he went to the workshop of abstract art with Juan Astica, learning the language and expression of abstract art.
In the year 2018, escaping from a dictatorship, he went into exile in Berlin, the city that adopted him as an artist. 
He currently lives there, working on exhibitions and creating new works.

2005-2009       After finished highschool studies I began to study at the University of Fine Arts in Tucumán.
2009-2012       I got a scholarship from INCAA    (Nacional Institute of Cinematography and Visual Arts) to study at the ENERC school in Buenos Aires, where I    graduated as a director in film editing. 
2014-2017       Abstract art workshop with Juan Astica
2018       Untergeschoss der Pandora Berlin, German
2018       Unterurban Kunstgalerie Berlin, Germany
2017       Quimera Galería Buenos Aires, Argentina
2017       Ro art Gallery Buenos Aires, Argentina
2016       Bigotes Tucumán, Argentina
2015        Vuela el Pez. Buenos aires
2010        Ladran Sancho, Buenos Aires
2009        Zaguan sur, Buenos Aires
2006        Bigotes, Tucuman
Movies and series

2016       OPEN DOORS. Film documentary. Editor. Winner for best documentary movie in Montreal World Film Festival Festival des Films du Monde de Montreal.
2015       ERASE UNA VEZ EN EL NORTE. Tv Serie. Editor and colourist.
2015       TELECITA. Tv documentary. Editor. Participated at Short Film Corner Cannes 2017.
2015       SALAMANCA. Tv documentary. Editor. Participate at Short Film Corner Cannes 2016.
2015       EL FAMILIAR. Tv documentary. Editor. Participate at Short Film Corner Cannes 2016
2013       VENIMOS DE MUY LEJOS. Fiction movie. Assistant editor.
2012       INTUICIÓN. Short film. Editor.
2011       LOS APARATOS DE MATEO. Film documentary. Editor. Participated at Short Film Corner Cannes 2012
2009       ELVIRA EN EL RIO LORO. Experimental documentary. Winner for best short film by critic’s award in Mar del Plata Film Festival 2009.

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