Feelings are abstract and my painting must represent them, generate mystery and questions.  Explore the inner world of the unconscious and capture it in images, lines and colours.
The street and nature are my constant inspiration.
My art talks about destruction and creation between primitive human beings and logic, between nature and cities.
Cities inhabited by alienated robots devoid of passions and desires,  social machinery at the service of a dehumanized organization that reduces men to numbers, and closes all roads.
Robots prove to themselves that the universe is empty, and with that, they justify them own empty of this logic.
The works are realized without a previous sketch, the line, the stain, the planes and the colours generate dialogue between them; they are born as the brush and pen go through the page. After the initial development begins the real work: to tear down and rebuild. It is in the creative process of painting, that a story emerges and perhaps even some meaning of this mysterious place, whose final meaning is resignified through the interpretation of the spectator.
My art must give a shock, open limits between the spectator and artist. A bridge that communicates both worlds. Dialogue is essential. The spectator tries to find something similar in his knowledge.  This art opens doors to the outside, to the world, and to the inside, to human.
The world is chaos but we can make it a better place.

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